SAN ANTONIO -- An 11-year-old boy continues fighting for his life in a medically-induced coma, two weeks removed from a triple stabbing that killed his mother and her friend.

Friends close to Casey Sweet can't understand what caused Corey Hiller to allegedly stab her and his girlfriend Rhonda Hammonds to death. Even more puzzling, why would Hiller go after Rhonda's 11-year-old son, Curtis.

It was Casey's heroic action that likely saved Curtis' life. Friends say Casey stepped between Hiller and the boy, taking several stab wounds to the back.

We don't know if he was remembering what was going on but he was thrashing around so they put him back under so he could have more time to heal, said Lecey Heckenlively, a close friend of Casey's.

Heckenlively says Casey recently survived a bout with a brain tumor and a burst appendix. She struggles to come to grips with her friend's passing, but believes it was Casey's purpose to be there for Curtis.

That's the only way I can find peace with it, is that God had her there at the right time to be with him and now she's home, Heckenlively said.
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