HOUSTON-- To many Republicans, it may be political rhetoric. To the demonstrators who met on Saturday in northeast Houston, however, it was a very real cause.

They believe that there is a war on women taking place.

Jean Jangda said her battle began with the state s new sonogram law, which requires women to have a sonogram before an abortion.

That was the moment when I said to my granddaughters, my daughters and my nieces that I have to get involved with this, Jangda said.

This weekend she joined 130 activists organized by Unite Women and boarded a bus for Austin. They painted posters and wore plastic pearls.

It s activism, it s democracy, it s progress, said a demonstrator named Courtney.

In Austin they joined hundreds of others from across the state in a large rally on the Capitol steps. Similar rallies were held across the country.

Many of the activists voiced outrage over federal funding cuts at Planned Parenthood. State cuts have already forced a number of clinics to close in Texas.

We are going to make our lawmakers and our leaders know that you can t mess with Texas women, Jangda said.

She added that their reaction will affect how she votes this year.

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