The NB Citizen, the newest newspaper to hit driveways New Braunfels, says it's being targeted by police and city council because of its reporting.

Editor In Chief Mike Reynolds said they have now stopped home delivery andd only sell the paper at several businesses because his delivery drivers are being followed and harassed by officers.

New Braunfels police Capt. John McDonald said the officers are just doing their jobs and have valid reasons to follow and stop the delivery drivers.

They do it in a manners that officers would consider to be suspicious and the citizens would consider to be suspicious, he said. Some of them drive without their headlights on.

Reynolds said he believes the city is retaliating against him and his paper because of their writing on the controversial disposable container ban and several other city council issues.

The paper's founder, Mark McGonigal, was investigated in February and was charged with aggravated perjury. Reynolds said proponents of the can ban hired an investigator to force the paper into reporting on the perjury case, but that the paper reported on the case on its own.

If you had to narrow it down to a single guy, it is city manager Michael Morrison. He's got to go. He's who we are paying attention to most right now, Reynolds said.

Morrison did not return calls to KENS 5 for an interview.

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