SAN ANTONIO-- More than 200 residents gathered for a Walmart Town Hall meeting with Councilwoman Elisa Chan.

Walmart has two new proposed plans and is willing to secure 17 acres of the 42 acre property as green space.

The initial plan was to build a 180,000 square foot store. Walmart is now looking at a 150,000 square foot store or a 165,000 square foot store. The former would be a 24/7 store, and the latter would open at 6 a.m. and close at 12 a.m.

Walmart is also willing to cut plans for a tire and lube and a gas station. The retail giant would also secure a 300 foot buffer zone between the North Castle Hills neighborhood and Hardberger Park.

A spokesperson for Walmart said the more and more residents are seeing the value of bringing a Walmart to their community.

All across San Antonio, customers want to shop and work at Walmart and in fact, many already do. said DanielMorales, Director of Communications and Community Relations. While we still don't own the land off WuzbachParkway and Blanco, we have worked with Councilwoman Chan to find a solution that works for everyone. We have also heard form many residents who want the jobs and low prices our store will deliver, and we are in the process of identifying the best way to serve the community.

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