Joseph Harlan Jr. sold his car when he moved to San Antonio from Georgia. He came here to help care for his aging parents. One day he was taking his father's van to Johnny's Automotive and he noticed the mechanic had several cars for sale.

Junior offered to buy the Infinity J30.

Harlan, a sous chef by trade, was only working part-time at a job which didn't pay nearly what he was getting in Georgia, soJohnny, the mechanic, agreed to take payments. He said it would give him time to get the title.

Almost 5 months later, Harlan Jr. had all but $150 of the car paid off and still hadn't driven it.

He told Johnny he wouldn't pay any more until he had the title. He says Johnny was giving him the run-around with paperwork to get the title. So he called Eyewitness Wants to Know.

We went by Johnny's shop, off Culebra Road, but Johnny wasn't there.

We waited an hour, but he didn't show up.

Johnny's son, Junior, did show up, so we gave him a card with our number and left.

Abouttwo hours later, Johnny called and said the paperwork was now with the county. He said he would finalize the sale once the county was through with the paperwork.

We asked him when he filedthat paperwork, but he would only say we would have to ask the county.

Harlan Jr. called us about half an hour later. He saidJohnny had called him and said he hadthe paperworkand Harlan couldpick it up.

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