BAYTOWN An ambitious burglary suspect was caught in the act Wednesday night at an Academy Sports store in Baytown, according to police.

They say 29-year-old John Clements made a grappling hook and tied it to a rope to climb up to the roof of the store on Garth Road. The burglar broke a skylight and lowered himself into the store.

The plan was working pretty well until the store s motion detectors set off the store alarm system. Clements apparently lost his nerve and shimmied back up the rope and onto the roof, police said. He jumped onto a semi-trailer that was parked in the back.

By then, a police officer had arrived and was waiting for Clements.

American Ninja, I guess, the officer said as he took Clements into custody.

The Academy was open Thursday and customers were amused when they heard the story of the Mission Impossible wanna-be.

Uh, did he have a Spiderman outfit on? said Rick. That s pretty amazing. Our economy, I guess, is getting to that point. That s pretty crazy.

Well I guess we need to put him on the TV for dumb criminals. The Dumbest Criminals, I guess that s the name of that show, Charlotte Hooks said. Well, I d tell him he needs to get him a job. He s not a very good thief.

Police don t know what the burglar was planning to take from the store. But it probably wasn t a rope, since he already had one.

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