SANANTONIO - An early morning train derailment just north of downtown has neighbors saying, 'Not again!'

Around 3:30 a.m. Thursday seven train cars on a southbound train heading to Mexico derailed near W Hollywood Ave. and N. Flores just north of downtown.

The cars were empty, and no one was injured.

However, neighbors said it could have been deadly.

One of those cars could have gone sliding right into the side of the house, said Thomas Smith.

That's what happened less than six years ago at nearly the same spot.

In 2006, 18 train cars jumped the tracks and hit two homes.

No one was killed in that derailment, and Union Pacific determined it was caused by an engineer incorrectly applying the brakes.

Union Pacific spokesperson Raquel Espinoza-Williams said the cause of this latest derailment is unknown.

At this point, it is too early to determine what may have caused this accident, but we have opened an investigation, she said.

Espinoza-Williams saidthe investigation could take days, but added that the tracks were just inspected on Tuesday.

That's funny, said Smith. If they inspected it, how did it happen?

Having seen derailments in their neighborhood before, Smith and other neighbors said they are skeptical of Union Pacific s explanation and worry it will happen again.

It is going to take a life one day, said J.J. Tapia, who lives within a hundred feet of the tracks. I don't care about the train. The train can be fixed, but a life you can never take back.

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