SANANTONIO-- If you own a pet and you've ever rented, chances are you paid a pet deposit.

But did you know there was such a thing called pet rent?

A local couple was paying pet rent, but when their dog ran away, they were forced to continue the payments. The didn't think it was fair, so they called Barry Davis and Eyewitness Wants to Know.

After speaking with Shontell Cosom, we looked over he rental agreement. It clearly states the Cosoms would pay an extra $55 a month for Pet Rent. About 6 weeks after they moved in, their dog moved out. She ran off and they never saw her again. They assumed, since they no longer ha a dog, they would just eliminate the pet rent.

After they sent their next month's rent in, without the pet rent, the landlord contacted them and told them they still needed to pay. They asked the management company to contact the owner to see if they could eliminate the pet rent. When they heard bacl from the management company they were told the owner would not alter their agreement and since they agreed to pay the pet rent they would have t pay it for the rest of the contract's term. After checking with an attorney, we learned the owner is well within their rights to demand payment.

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