SAN ANTONIO -- Disbelief has overcome a northeast-side little league because of destruction at its park.

Vandals apparently spent Monday night breaking and tearing up everything in their way at Capitol Park Little League.

Board member Jeff Wickley told KENS 5 the park has been vandalized in the past several times but never to this extent.

The freezers are broken, the cooking equipment. Every window in the park is busted, Wickley said. They went through and destroyed every single urinal, every single toilet, every single sink. They completely destroyed them and there is water running all down the park.

Wickley said all four buildings in the park, including two concession stands, and two restrooms were vandalized. The vandals reportedly stole some internet equipment.

It's not just tagging up a wall or breaking a window, Wickley said. They must've spent hours breaking anything and everything they can find. If this is someone's idea of a good time, I don't understand how. I don't know why someone would think this is fun.

The park was still recovering from Tropical Storm Hermine, which damaged some of its buildings earlier this year.

But this latest destruction will likely cost at least $30,000, Wickley said. The non-profit organization can't come up with the money on its own, he added, and he hopes they catch a break.

Hopefully there are kind souls out there who will help us, Wickley said.

In the meantime, The organization is offering a $1,000 cash reward for anyone with information helping lead to an arrest.

If you can help, visit

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