Tommy Lynn Sells was executed Thursday night in a Huntsville jail for the 1999 death of Kayleen Harris in Val Verde County.

Sells was pronounced dead around 6:35 p.m. after a lethal injection was administered.He became the first inmate injected with a dose of newly replenished pentobarbital that Texas prison officials obtained to replace an expired supply of the sedative.

Sells was suspected in up to 70 murders and connected to at least 15. He was known as Coast-to-Coast for his serial killings spanning the nation.

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The families of Sells' victims said his execution was a moment they had been awaiting for 14 years.

In South Texas, Sells stabbed a Del Rio girl, Kayleen Harris, after he broke into the 13-year-old's bedroom on New Year's Eve 1999.

There were 17 or 19 stab wounds to her abdomen. I believe each and every one of them came out of her back. And the throat cut was so deep it went straight through her spinal column, said Harris' dad.

Sells also slashed the throat of her friend, Krystal Surles, who was 10 years old at the time. She survived the attack and was able to identify Sells as the killer during testimony. A jury sentenced him to death in 2000.

Sells was also convicted for the murder of 9-year-old Mary Bea Perez after he kidnapped her during Fiesta in April 1999. He received a life sentence in 2003 for her death.

For me, to see him die, I'm happy. And other people think its cruelty, but it really isn't. It's payback time, okay? We have all suffered so many years. But we have gone to hell and back, said Joan Torrez, Perez's grandfather.

Sells was asked if he wanted to make a last statement before the lethal injection, but he declined. The Texas State Penitentiary said it no longer offers last meals for offenders.

There was no one from Sells' side who wanted to speak with the media about the execution.

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