SAN ANTONIO -- A fifth grade teacher at Kuentz Elementary resigned after allegations she was found drinking in the classroom on Feb. 4, according to NISD spokesperson Pascual Gonzalez. A student reportedly photographed the incident.

NISD confirmed the teacher, Cynthia Flores-Rodriguez, was placed on administrative leave and then resigned on Feb. 14. Flores-Rodriguez had been at the school since 2008.

Gonzalez said one to four kids told the principal the teacher smelled of alcohol and saw her drinking. The school district also said there were cellphone photos that allegedly showed the teacher drinking.

Before the district could complete its investigation, Flores Rodriguez resigned on Friday , Gonzalez said.

Kuentz Elementary parent Carlos Ramirez said he was surprised to hear the allegations.

Very concerning, yeah that would be a bad thing. Very bad, said Ramirez.

It's sad if that's the actual case, its sad to hear that, but at the same time you're kind of glad the school district and the school is taking actions, said parent Valerie Alaniz.

The investigation into the 39-year-old teacher was reported to the State Board for Educator Certification which licenses teachers.

Parents were notified and a new teacher will start Monday, Gonzalez said.

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