What do you do if you have a swarming bee hive in your backyard? It can be quite expensive to hire someone to exterminate a bee hive but a local homeowner was surprised to discover how many people are willing to help remove a hive without killing the bees at no cost.

Ben Mathews just bought his first home which included something he wasn't expecting. He was surprised to discover a bee hive in his backyard.

I didn't want to kill the bees if i didn't have to, said Mathews.

He called an exterminator to move the bees.

I thought it was a lost

cause. He said there was no way an exterminator would come and remove them, it wasn't cost efficient. The easiest thing to do was just to kill them. As a last ditch effort I put it on Craig's List, offering free bees to anyone who would remove them. I must have gotten 15 responses off of Craig's List from people who liked bees to Alamo Area Beekeepers, said Mathews.

Among the people who responded to the ad was Alan Newman. He set up a box called a trap-out that has a funnel that gets the bees to establish a new hive in the box.

I'm trying to re-home the bees so we still have a wild bee hive to pollenate the crops and wild flowers but we do it in a humane way, said Newman.

In a couple of weeks, Newman will remove the

box with the hive inside.

I have several acres in the country where we can re-home them. We can let the hive thrive, increase production and let the bees continue on with their lives and be the bees they were meant to be, Newman said.

Newman will be taking the bee hive to his property in Bexar county. Bees in Bexar County are quarantined can not be moved across county lines.

To find out about free removal, e-mail Alan Newman at

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