Can tanning responsibly really increase muscle strength and make you look and feel great?

A San Antonio tanning salon is under fire for making those claims.

The Texas Attorney General's Office says Euro Tan's colorful brochures and website promoting the health benefits of tanning amount to false advertising.

But, the owner of Euro Tan says he's been in business for more than 25 years. He claims he has done nothing wrong and he'll keep serving his clients.

Under Texas law, tanning salons are prohibited from claiming indoor tanning beds provide any health or medical benefits.

Owner Curtis Ryan admits to linking to other websites offering research on how Vitamin D can benefit people with autism, chronic pain and cancer. AEuro Tan brochure claimed a person could lower blood pressure, improve their immune system and decreasePMS symptoms, all by tanning responsibly.

The state also has a problem with how Euro Tan was promoting its mineral body wrap, claiming it could eliminate cellulite and detoxify fat cells.

The FDAhas not made a safety determination on body wraps.

Euro Tan has made several changes.

The state filed suit alleging certain Euro Tan business practices and advertising violate state and federal law. The companycould be fined based on the courts decision.

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