Lisa Christie is the client relations coordinator at Hill Country Animal Hospital. She had recently sent out an e-mail to all Hill Country clients warning that based on the number of cases they had already seen, this could be the worst rattlesnake season in years.

Within a week, that warning hit home. Both of her own dogs got bit by rattlesnakes.

Christie said, When I looked up, there was a snake curled up. I tried to get (my dog) not to sniff it, but sure enough, she did and the snake bit her right in the muzzle. Fortunately, a perk of Christie's job was that she knew exactly where to go and who to call.

Clint Powell, DVM, of Hill Country told KENS5, If they hit them in the tongue or over a blood vessel or close to the heart, the dogs will get in big trouble pretty quick.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife says the end of what was a longer winter for South Texas is probably the reason we're suddenly seeing so many rattlesnake bites.

Some veterinarians are offering a new rattlesnake vaccine for dogs, but it is still somewhat experimental.

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