A Schertz man accused of attempting to sexually assault a child was found guilty Wednesday.

The trial of James Gordon Taber Jr. took place in Seguin. That's where jurors heard how Taber, a registered sex offender, approached a 15- year-old girl and her little brother as they sat on a bench in Schertz' Pickerel Park.

Prosecutors said Taber spoke to the girl about a horse farm he claimed his family owned. According to the report, Taber told the girl that she could get a job at the ranch, helping to take care of the horses.

When the girl went home, she told her mother about the conversation with Taber. The mother texted Taber, and then reported him to the Schertz Police Department.

Prosecutors said the mother strung Taber along with text messages and phone conversations until the police arrived.

They say Taber repeated called the mother attempting to arrange a meeting.

At the trial, another young woman testified that Taber had repeatedly sexually assaulted her 10 years ago, using the same ploy about a job on a horse ranch.

Taber was convicted of one count of On-line Solicitation of a Minor and one count of Attempt to Commit Sexual Assault.

Thursday a jury will decide his punishment.

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