FLORESVILLE, Texas -- Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue & Rehab picked up a dog Monday morning outside an elementary school in Floresville.

The animal had its throat slashed and its trachea cut.

Volunteers rushed it to an animal hospital where veterinarians discovered the dog also had testicular cancer.

Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue & Rehab said spaying and neutering animals prevents such cancer. If it weren't for the cancer, the dog would have undergone surgery to repair its neck.

Because of the cancer and because how anemic and emaciated he was, he wouldn't have made it through. So we made the decision to just love on him and put him to sleep, said Ashley Haines, of the Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue & Rehab.

It's beyond me why they couldn't have paid $50 to go to a vet or even reach out to a rescue or the shelter and say, 'Hey, you know I'm having some financial trouble, can you give me a hand?'

Alamo City Pit Bull Rescue & Rehab filed a police report and plans to follow the case. Anyone with information is urged to call the Floresville Police Department at (830) 393 4055.

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