A teenage suspect who investigators say behaved like a holiday Grinch could face felony charges for allegedly stealing Christmas cardsstuffed with cash.

This person was betraying the very meaning of the season, but it s something we see often this time of year, said Harris County Sheriff s Sgt. Eric Batton.

Batton responded to the 3600 block of Cypresswood Drive outside Houston on Thursday afternoon following complaints that a young man was rummaging through mailboxes.A mail carrier said she observed the suspect stalking her as she delivered her route.

I saw him going up to the mailbox and I told him to stay out of there, said Laura Carson.

After neighbors called 911, the suspect attempted to run away.A local wrecker driver heard the emergency call and managed to catch up with the suspect in a local park.

He turned around and hit me in the face, said Tracy Clark. Then I hit him back and we both fell to the ground.

Sheriff s deputies arrested the 16-year-old suspect, but can t say for sure how many cards and how much money he allegedly took.

He s been placed at a facility run by Child Protective Services, and could face charges ranging from a felony to a ClassA misdemeanor.
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