SAN ANTONIO Employees spent the day cleaning up debris and towing wrecked boats at Canyon Lake s marina, which suffered thousands of dollars in damage from Monday s blustery winds.

Wind gauges clocked gusts approaching 74 miles an hour, which threw sailboats into docks, shearing off the bow of at least one boat.

Pete Albarado s boat survived being berthed in a slip that literally was twisted and bent by the strong winds.

Those winds tore off a portion of the metal roof over the dock, where Joe Lyons' Liquor Box was parked.

Lyons said, Iimmediately cut my lines and pulled out of my slip. I took my boat around to the docks near the shore and tied into an open slip. Then I went back out toD wing to helpwhere I could.

Lyons said his boat received minor damages to his canvas on board and gouges in his fiberglass on the sides of the Sea Ray 290 Sundancer.

You couldn t even walk over there. The waves were too big to even walk over there. Yeah, it was bad, said Albarado. The sailboats were smacking into each other here.

That caused cosmetic damage to about a dozen boats, but in some cases, the winds were catastrophic.

Swim decks were sheared off the back of several larger boats. And witnesses say one boat lurching in the gusts of wind punched a hole in another s transom.

Many boat owners took their lunch hour to check on their rigging...and that of their friends boats.

Lovely, lovely lake to sail, said Dr. Bill Morling. But those winter storms coming out of the north, they always cause problems in a marina.

Insurance adjusters are expected this week to survey the damage.
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