The San Antonio Police Department arrested two people in connection with several toilet valve thefts at area fast-food restaurants.

The names of the suspects have not been released, pending formal charges against them.

SAPD and Crime Stoppers had given the media information on the suspects, including a description of their car, just hours before the arrests were made.

It's really frustrating when you see that because what can they do with a flush valve? said Rick Soler, head of security for Skagg Restaurants.

Skagg Restaurants owns 35 McDonald's in San Antonio.

Nine of them have had toilet valves stolen since December.

(It) creates a huge inconvenience for our customers. The impact to customer satisfaction is tremendous, he said.

Soler said each stolen valve costs hundreds of dollars to replace, when you take into account customized locks to prevent the valve from being stolen again.

An intact used toilet valve has a street value of around $25.

If the valve is scrapped for its copper or brass, it will usually fetch less than $10.

The group of thieves is also thought to be responsible for similar crimes at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q and Jack in the Box locations in San Antonio.

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