A San Antonio woman says she was forced to break her lease at the Sage Crossing Apartments after her apartment was broken into twice in two days.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, contacted management and told them she wanted out of her lease because she was afraid to sleep in her apartment.

A manager at Sage Crossing told her the complex would hold her to her lease agreement, even though a burglar stole more than $5,000 worth of jewelry and personal belongings.

I wasn't financially ready to move out, said the woman. I'd thought we'd have more time.

While in her bedroom Wednesday morning, the woman heard glass breaking in her living room.

She walked to the living room and pulled back the blinds and says she was face-to-face with a man trying to force her window open.

Screamed as loud as I could, 'Get away from my window.' And he then took off, said the woman.

Thursday afternoon she went to the store, and came back to find her bedroom ransacked.

It's not safe here, said the woman, who plans to move into a new place overnight. I can't be sleeping here or being gone and worrying about my place.

Her next-door neighbor has a similar story.

She has paid the final few months of her lease and is also in the process of moving out after her apartment was broken into twice.

They're going to keep doing it to people because they can get away with it, said the neighbor.

KENS 5 spoke with an apartment manager Thursday evening.

She said renters are locked into their leases even if they are the victims of crimes inside their units.

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