Connie Leone says she wanted that western feel in her living room, so she bought a nice brown leather couch with matching love-seat and recliner chair. Leone andher husband Joe paid almost $3,000 for the set.

About 6 months later they felt the center cushion on the couch begin to sink.

They called Dianne Flack furniture in San Marcos, where they bought the set. Flack sent out someone to pick up the couch and repair it.

During that repair, it was found it was not a manufacturer's defect but the Leone's wanted stiffer seating so Flack's agreed to replace the foam and bolster the springs.

When the couch was returned the Leones were fine with it, even sending Flacks an email complimenting their service and offering to split the cost of the repairsince it was not a warranty issue. They sent Flack a check for half the $270 cost.

Butayear later the cushions sank once again.

This time the Leones couldn't seem to get anyone from Dianne Flack to work with them. They say they were told the couch set was well out of the warranty so they would have to cover the $400 cost of replacing the foam again.

That's when they called Eyewitness Wants To Know.

After hearing their side, we called Dianne Flack owner Derrick Flack. He explained to us what had been done earlier to the couch. He said it was not a manufacturer's defect. He also shared several emails the Leones sent.

After we spoke for a while, even though he had no obligation to do so, Flack agreed to pay for half the $395 cost of replacing the foam. The Leones seemed pleased with the outcome and the repairman is scheduling the repair.

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