SAN ANTONIO - The Grinch stole his family's Christmas but not a local man's spirit of giving.

Jerry Sealey started giving back to the community when he was 19 years old and only had $500. Today he has more than tripled that number.

There's two trailers: One is designated for boys gifts, one is designated for girl gifts, said one Sealey's Gifts for Kids volunteer.

Christmas at the Sealey household is unlike any other tradition.

On this day of giving, friends and family are helping to load bags full of toys.

Jerry Sealey was inspired to give back to less fortunate children after he experienced a bitter Christmas when he was seven.

My family's house was robbed. They took all of our gifts, as well as other things in the house, recalled Sealey. And the community came out and supported my family.

Six years ago Sealey's Gifts for Kids was much smaller.

Now, with more than 1,000 toys, Santa and his little helpers are on their way to ten apartment complexes on the east side of town.

As soon as they announce their arrival the gift-giving begins. The smiles are priceless and the parents are grateful.

It's really nice of them to come out here and support the kids, said parent Patricia Cano. Sometimes parents can't afford it.

Sealey says he feels humbled to be a part of it and hopes his organization keeps growing.

That's making me really emotional, he said. It takes a lot of work to do this, but once I see this, it's worth it.

On Christmas Day the Spurs Coyote joined the action, as well. He was there to hand out toys and give away tickets to a Spurs game.

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