When the new Congress convenes next month, it will be the first time in half a century, a Gonzalez is not representing San Antonio.

Congressman Charlie Gonzalez's decision not to seek reelection is the end of an era.

There are lots of memories as Congressman Charlie Gonzalez packs up his office.

From his 14 years of service and the 37 years his father, Henry B. held the seat.

It's sad to see it coming to an end but I have to say this I have not regretted my decision not to seek re-election, said Gonzalez.

Like his father who left a lasting legacy as a political reformer and civil rights leader, Charlie has fought for equality.

His most rewarding work was this past year helping young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally.

That was the most gratifying experience I had. We had young people, these are kids who are valedictorians in their high school, you would never suspect that they are here illegally.

So we had all these young people and it was a mind altering experience that they were not going to be deported, said Gonzalez.

He considers his vote for Obamacare his best yes vote.

My best no vote and I still wish we had prevailed was not to give President George W. Bush the authority to invade Iraq, said Gonzalez.

So what is next for the former Judge and Congressman?

I'm 67 years old I think I have one career left. I have some catching up to do, I have family obligations that will take time, energy and money and now's the time for me to pay attention to those matters, said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says he hopes to make an announcement about his next career within the month but says he has ruled out a future run for political office.

He says he looks forward to the future believing the Congressional seat he and his father devoted their lives to is in good hands.

To my constituents and people of San Antonio the Gonzalez family is eternally grateful that you put your trust in us. Twenty years from now when people mention my name I hope they will say that was an honest and hard working public servant.

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