The parents of a 6th grader at Kirby Middle School say she has beensubjected tophysical abuse and racial slurs since August.

This is an 11-year-old who wants to do good, said Matthew Dawson. She went from A's, B's, honor roll the last nine weeks to C's, zero's, failing. This school has dismissed and disregarded the concerns of my child.

Dawson's stepdaughter Rosa was treated at an area hospital for a sprained wrist on October 3. Dawson said she was trampled by classmates.

Rosa asked to go to the nurse, but according to Dawson, her teacher refused to let her go.

Rosa was eventually excused.

The teacher later apologized in an email to Dawson.

He's telling her to shut up. making her stand in the back of the classroom for 10-15 minutes being a spectacle, said Dawson.

Rosa suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Dyslexia, which makes her a target for bullies according to Dawson.

Rosa's parents also said their daughter has had her hair pulled,been called racial slurs and had several of her school uniform polo shirts tagged by students sitting behind her.

The school district issued an administrative trespass warning against Dawson two days after the conference, forbidding him from stepping foot on campus.

Judson ISD police issued a criminal trespass warning three days later.

The district contends that Dawson has intimidated staff members and kept them from maintaining a positive learning environment.

We don't issue criminal trespass warnings very often. It has to reach a substantial level, said Steve Linscomb, Director of Public Information for Judson I.S.D.

Dawson says he continues to abide by the warnings.

Rosa's parents and district officials said it would be difficult to remove her from the class permanently because the teacher has the assistance of a special education aide.

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