In Schertz. accusations are being made against a police officer who shot a dog while responding to a call.

The owner says the officer used aggressive force, however Schertz police tell a very different story

They claim the animal was running loose and bit the officer.

Kathleen Roskowski believes Schertz police used unnecessary force against her dog Sammy.

Around 9 a.m. Sunday, Roskowski got into an argument with a neighbor. She said she felt threatened and called police. When officers arrived they told Roskowski to take both of her dogs inside.

Police say the animal was extremely aggressive and that the officer was acting in self defense.

The dog actually attacked him. First biting him on the side on his holster, and then grabbing his leg, said Capt. Marc Bane of the Schertz Police Department. With the force of the situation, a large dog like that attacks him, we don't expect him to take much harm before they defend themselves,

Roskowski said, Sammy, I guess, was afraid that the policeman was going to harm me, and when he came near him, he bit him in the leg, and the officer just grabbed his gun and shot my dog.

Animal control was called to the scene and Roskowski opted to have the injured 60-pound Shar-Pei mix euthanized.

I think he was sort of gun-happy and was just wanting to just shoot little Sammy, said the owner.

But it was not the first time the dog had bitten someone.

Sammy had recently been quarantined for biting a young child, Schertz police said. The case is still under investigation.

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