AUSTIN -- Police have arrested and charged a woman with stalking her ex-boyfriend and running his mother over with her car.

Elizabeth McClain, 22, was charged with the third degree felony of stalking.

According to her arrest warrant from the Austin Police Department, RyanBoyd, 25, and McClain dated for about three years before ending things inSeptember of this year. Boyd told police that McClain began to harass him after the breakup, and he told her to leave him alone.

Boyd filed a police report on Sept. 17 after McClain began to call him about 20 to 100 times a day and threatened to make his life miserable.

On Oct. 11 Boyd filed a second report, claiming McClain was calling him from different numbers after attempts to block her from contacting him. McClain told Boyd she was going to break into his house and drive her car through his living room to get his attention.

Boyd told police that one day McClain called him more than 750 times. She also changed her number and continued to call him. Boyd told police that she got his new work number and called and sent blank text messages to it every day from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m.

Boyd filed a third police report onNov. 11 after McClain text messaged him 126 times in a row. He also claims she drove by his house on several occasions. He told police that McClain told him that something bad was going to happen to him and his family. She also threatened to drive into his living room. She questioned where Boyd had been when he got home, as if she had been watching him. Boyd called police, but McClain was nowhere to be found when they arrived.

Around Nov. 15 Boyd told police that McClain sent him a text message while he was driving, asking about his car. He pulled over and check his gas tank, which had been filled with sugar. This cost Boyd $300 to fix.

The arrest warrant states that McClain continued to harass and call Boyd every day up until Nov. 26. On that day Boyd says he received a message from McClain asking whose broken down car was in front of his house. It belonged to his mother Lori's boyfriend. McClain threatened to mess with the car, so Boyd asked his mother to call police.

While Lori was outside waiting for an officer, McClain drove into the driveway. Lori told McClain to leave and walked behind the car to look at the license plate number. That's when police say McClain put the car in reverse, running over Lori and dragging her.

McClain drove away from the scene. Lori suffered a fractured clavicle, broken wrist, broken ankle, four or five broken ribs and other injuries. She is currently in the ICU at a local hospital.

McClain's bond was set at $15,000. She was ordered to stay 200 yards away from Boyd, and must now wear a GPS monitor under a curfew.

There is no word yet on what other charges may be filed.

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