Olmos Park residents say they feel a sense of relief after police arrested three suspects in connection with a rash of home burglaries in the quiet neighborhood north of downtown.

Bryanna DeLeon, Lindsey Hamblin-Pearson and Reynaldo Garcia were arrested Monday morning in the 200 block of Mandalay.

All three face felony burglary charges.

Police say two of the suspects were in the middle of burglarizing a home while the third suspect waited in a Jeep Cherokee outside.

The Cherokee matched the description of a vehicle used in other burglaries in the neighborhood.

It's a huge relief, especially when it happens next door to your house, said Jay Buzzini, who watched the arrests take place.

Buzzini's backhouse was broken into over the Thanksgiving weekend, and he says he wouldn't be surprised if it was the same suspects.

You always have to be vigilant this time of year, added Buzzini.

A public meeting was held inside Olmos Park City Hall three weeks ago to address the burglaries.

The police department had increased patrols in the area in recent weeks.

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