SAN ANTONIO Not only are shoppers starting to flood the malls for an early start to Black Friday, some have already been camping out for days.

Tis' the season for camping.

It's alright until you get on the floor and then it's hard, Abigail Myers said.

She is the second in line at a Best Buy, where she and her friend have been camping out since Monday. They're both waiting for new laptops.

And more: electronics, clothes and everything in between.

Any kind of sale going on, Myers said.

The wait is well worth it for some shoppers, as long as those four letters are next to the item they want: S-A-L-E.

Even the young shoppers were eager to scope out what they've added to their Christmas list.

I was wondering if there were good toys, one young boy said.

While some make it a tradition every year to either camp out or wait to shop on Black Friday, others are tracking sales from the comfort of their home.

(I'm) online shopping, another shopper said.

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