Do you plan on busting a gut after feasting over the holidays? Or perhaps you already have a stubborn belly or love handles that won't go away?

A new cosmetic procedure promises to freeze your fat - and get rid of it permanently - all on your lunch break.

You can literally get your fat frozen at lunch then go back to work, said Roma Jolly Kumar, director of operation for Sonterra Laser Med Spa.

Patient Anna Arguijo is proof.

It's never gone away, basically, said Arguijo as she poked at her stubborn belly flab. She is an athletic mother of three, but can't seem to bust the gut. So she's trying Cool Sculpting for the first time.

We will be freezing your fat, said Dr. Sanjiv Kumar.

After a few quick measurements he applied the machine to the belly area to get rid of the unwanted fat cells...forever, he says.

Once these fat cells are gone they are not going to come back, said Dr. Kumar.

No needles, no knives and relatively no pain comes with the non-invasive procedure. Best of all, Arguijo says there's no down time.

It has the same results as lipo and it's permanent, so you do it once and it's done, said Roma Jolly Kumar. Your fat cells are gone. That's why this machine is such a game changer. This is the first FDA-approved treatment like it.

Dr. Kumar says the machine attacks the fat cells without damaging any other tissue in the body including the skin.

That's why the FDA cleared it, and that's why it's a safe lunchtime procedure, added Roma Jolly Kumar.

After one hour, the machine was removed from Arguijo's belly, revealing what resembled a stick of butter. Her fat was frozen and compacted into a block. It was then massaged to spread out the fat-eliminating effect.

Dr. Kumar says she can expect to see a fat difference within 8 weeks.

But how fat is the price?

The Sonterra Laser Med Spa says prices range from $600 to $1,500, but it's typically a one-time procedure and the fat is gone forever.

For more information go to http://www.sonterralaser.com/.

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