Three months after the Bexar County District Attorney's office served an injunction against the Wheatley Courts gang and more than a dozen ofits members, residents say they have noticed a decrease in gunfire.

The majority of people in places like this aren't in gangs and don't do drugs. They're just trying to get by, Wheatley Courts resident Hannah Rush said.

Rush said drugdeals and fights are still common, butshe doesn't see as many people with guns.

Bexar County Assistant District Attorney Adriana Biggs said the main purpose of the injunction was simply to keep the gang members from being around each other.

The injunction is not a cure-all. The neighborhood, neighbors and police have a responsibility to be vigilant, Biggs said.

Five violations of the injunction have occurred so far.

Gang members whoassociate with each other inside the zone are charged with a Class B misdemeanor.

If we arrest them for a Class B (misdemeanor), it's certainly better than arresting them after a shooting, Biggs said.

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