LEON VALLEY-- Some parents in the Northside Independent School District are concerned about their children who are having to use temporary swimming pool locations. Right now the district's aquatic center is being remodeled.

Northside administrators said last Thursday at the Forest Oaks Swimming Pool a man went into the pool area and allegedly had inappropriate contact with a sibling of one of the swimmers.

A report was filed with the Leon Valley Police Department saying the child was patted on the head and kissed on the cheek by an unknown man.

Apparently an adult male walked into the swimming pool area and allegedly, improperly touched one of the young female kids that was there, said NISD spokesperson, Pascual Gonzalez.

Managers at the pool are certain it was a mentally-challenged person who lives in the area. They said he meant no harm at all and that students are safe.

Police are not certain he wasthe individual, but plan to follow up on the information.

District administrators have changed the way students are dropped off and picked up at those temporary swimming pools and they're urging parents to stay with their children during the practice sessions.

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