He's back! San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro made his first public appearance back home Monday night since delivering the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention last week.

The mayor and his twin, State Rep. Joaquin Castro, turned out for their birthday party, celebrating their 38th at Sunset Station.

For the twins, the big party could not have been any sweeter.

The mayor joked with reporters about not getting his lines right to start the speech.

I flubbed my first couple of lines, Castro said. Any mistake, however, was undetectable. By all accounts, he nailed it.

It meant a lot to me to tell the story of my grandmother and my family because I hadn't done that before in a big audience, Castro said.

We certanily felt the good energy in North Carolina, Joaquin added.

We're glad to celebrate our birthday tonight, then roll up our sleeves and work on the budget and the Pre-K for SA campaign, the mayor said.

It has been a whirlwind week of campaigning on behalf of the president, including news program appearances. And Julian even had time to spoof Siri in a video for a the Gridiron scholarship fundraiser put on by local media.

The mayor said he expects to be called back out on the campaign trail by the Obama campaign, but he assured everyone at home that his work as mayor will not be ignored.

I'm mostly going to be gone during the weekends, but the city manager will still be busy at work [when I'm gone], he said.

He also said that all the national attention hasn't taken away his desire to continue serving the San Antonio community.

On a few ocassions between now and November, I'll be out there campaigning for President Obama. But if voters will have me, I'll be here in San Antonio for a while.

The Castro brothers' actual birthday is this Sunday, September 16.

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