We want every child to be able to have a tablet. And for every parent to be able to afford one to give to their child, said Robert Klayman, president of Direct Merchandise Marketing.

Klayman says he has just the thing to do that: the $99 Matrixone.

Klayman says for the price, no one has seen anything like it.

The Matrixone is smaller than the iPad, but then so is the price.

It has a seven-inch screen, Wi-Fi and some features Klayman says aren't available on the more expensive tablets:

  • A USB port and mini-USB port which allows users to have virtually limitless memory, using memory sticks;
  • A micro-slot which allows users to increase the on-board memory up to 32 megs using slide in cards; and
  • An HDMI port, with full 1080p output, that would allow a student to share a project or report with the entire class simply by plugging into a monitor.

The Matrixone operates on the android platform, which Klayman says allows users to download more than 400,000 apps and run basically any educational curriculum a school might use.

That brings up one downside of this particular model: The Matrixone operates on 512 RAM which causes it to be a bit slow on some downloads, but there are two other versions which are twice as fast.

The Matrixone-G runs 1 GIG RAM and costs $119. The Matrixone-S also runs on 1 GIG RAM, has GPS and has a 16GB HD. The Matrixone is only available on line at

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