SHINER, Texas -- Authorities say a father used his hands to beat to death a man who allegedly tried to sexually assault his 4-year-old daughter on their rural farm.

Lavaca County Sheriff Micah Harmon said Monday he doesn't anticipate arresting the father following Saturday's killing near Shiner. Harmon said nothing so far suggests the beating death happened for any reason other than what he told us.

He was just doing what he thought he had to do to protect his daughter, Harmon said.

The victim was only identified as a 47-year-old man from Gonzales who was not related to the girl's family.

Harmon said the man appeared to have no prior criminal history and that he went to the property Saturday to help care for some horses.

The father told authorities he punched the man after he heard his daughter screaming from the barn and then found the victim trying to sexually assault the girl.

The father's name is being withheld because of the ongoing investigation.

The child's grandfather said it was an accident and that he was sorry that it happened.

Harmon said he doesn't expect any charges against the father, but that the case will be heard before a grand jury.

Nearby resident Michael Veit said he undestands the father's actions.

I have an 11-year-old son myself, and if anything would have happened to my family, I probably would have done worse, he said.

Authorities said the 4-year-old girl was taken to a hospital for examinationsfollowing the attempted assault and was released later that night.

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