SAN ANTONIO -- With heavy rains threatening the city, the San Antonio fire department's technical rescue team are on full alert and ready to deal with dangerous flooding situations.

Cpt. Steve Boldway said the team has seven rescue boats and had all ofthem all fueled and ready to go on Thursday night. The boats are strong enough to take a beating from submerged fences and signs without taking too much damage.

Boldway said he has instructed his team to prepare their gear and to make sure all their equipment is ready and nothing is broken.

The team is made up of 60 firefighters covering three shifts at two locations in the city.

Boldway said all of the team members are trained to get themselves out of bad situations, and that includes dealing with a person that may be panicked.

You got to make sure there not panicking because you don t Want them jumping on you and making things worse, Boldway said.

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