They escaped flames with just the clothes on their back. But Wednesday evening, some displaced motel guests were demanding that the company help them get back on their feet. Instead, they said management is not budging.

KENS 5 talked to a victim who lost everything, including priceless family photos and all of his clothes. But Steve Karmels said he's losing his patience.

He said he can't get a hold of anyone from the motel to answer his insurance questions.

Last Friday, less than two hours from moving into the Studio 6 Motel on Highway 281 and Rhapsody, Karmels' room went up in flames.

I called numerous times, he said. They have no information for me. I want to be reimbursed for my stuff.

KENS 5 asked management about their policy. Matthew Goldstein of Greenspan Company told us that they must wait on the insurance company's investigation of the cause of thefire before they can determine whether Studio 6 is liable.

Healso added that their policy does not cover personal losses.

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