SAN ANTONIO -- The headaches won't stop for Linda Salinas who struggles with rheumatoid arthritis and high-blood pressure.

Salinas can't take the proper medicine to alleviate the headaches because she doesn't have the proper medicine.

After not receiving her prescriptions through the mail, the insurance company told Salinas to pay anyway.

The mailmen don't deliver it to my home like they're supposed to, they deliver it to different addresses, Salinas said.

If Salinas doesn't take her medication twice daily then she struggles with nagging headaches.

One woman received Salinas' prescriptions and brought them to her because they were acquaintances, but there's still medication missing. Now, Aetna Insurance says that if Salinas doesn't pay up, she won't get any future medication.

According to a statement Aetna sent to KENS 5: Our policy is for members to pay the co-pay once again and we will ship the prescription... After 45 days if the member tells us the prescription didn't arrive, we credit the additional co-pay back to the member. They added that they are ...crediting their account for $230.83 for replacement shipments... and Future prescriptions will be delivered with a signature required.

This news is just what the doctor ordered for Salinas.

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