First the Comal, now the San Marcos River will soon have new laws - all with little opposition to keep the river from being trashed.

The San Marcos City Council took the first steps that would ban Styrofoam coolers, kick-boards and also cigarettes, chewing tobacco, all terrain vehicles and somebarbecue pits.

Alcohol willbe bannedin any parks along the San Marcos River and on any of the dams.However, you will be allowed to have alcohol in the river. As for the other banned items, they apply to parkpatronsboth in and out of the water.

I don t understand why you wouldn t be able to drink on the land by the river but you would be able in the river, said San Marcos resident Elizabeth Dolan, I think it would just push everybody onto the river. It would be crowded and there would be a lot more trash.

Lawmakers are also considering banning spear gunsin parksandon the San Marcos River.

Man, I wish I owned a harpoon gun. That would be wicked, said local river floater, Kagan Sisk.

City council had the first reading of the new ordinance on Tuesday.They had little opposition to the new rules with a 6 to 1 vote for passage.

The final vote will be held April 3.

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