SAN ANTONIO-- Justo Flores said many people should have known the Mission Del Lago Golf Course and the surrounding area was a zone-of-danger.

The golf course is city-owned and privately operated. It opened in 1989. The shooting range which operates within a few miles of the course opened about 35 years ago.

On March 4 Flores was hit in the chest by a stray bullet. An x-ray shows the bullet lodged in his sternum.

I heard two whizzing by my ear, said Flores. Looked down at my shirt and I saw smoke coming out and my buddy goes,'Well, I think you got shot.'

Flores said he didn't know what had happened. He and his wife are expecting their first child in July and he sayshe didn't want his wife going through it alone.

It was burning...still pain and throbbing and now I've got this tingling in my hand. Inever had before and I'm having trouble sleeping at night thinking about what could have happened.

Attorneys for Flores said A Place to Shoot needs to make some safety improvements. The shooting range has closed its rifle ranges by court order.

They need to make A Place to Shoot, a safe place to shoot, said Attorney Will Allan. He is fortunate, he is blessed that it didn't hit somewhere else. It could have been fatal and he's got a child on the way. He's married and it could have been a lot worse had he passed away due to a gunshot wound that he sustained to his chest.

Flores was only on his second visit to the golf course.

The city, the management at the golf course and the shooting range should have seen it coming, said Flores.

Attorneys for A Place to Shoot said there is no evidence the bullet came from the shooting range.

There's been two incidents and those two incidents have been within the last week, so I find it rather strange that in the last 20 years we've had two, said Attorney Robert Wilson.

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