SANANTONIO-- You don't have to be old or tall to save a life. Six-year-old Jasiah Rubalcava is proof of that.

Last week, Rubalcava was eating in the cafeteria at West Avenue Elementary when his best friend started choking.

Nicholas was choking and I saw his face turn red, Rubalcava said.

He didn't want to wait around for a cafeteria worker. Instead, he sprang into action, wrapping his arms around the red-faced Nicholas Carvajal. He performed the Heimlich maneuver and successfully dislodged the snack that was stuck in the child's throat.

Thank you, Nicholassaidas he wrapped his arms around his friend. For saving my life, buddy. He added patting him on the back.

Rubalcava'smother said this is a great reminder of how important it is to teach first aid to your children. She'salready dreaming of him becoming a paramedic.

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