The murder trial for Jon Thomas Ford is now in his attorneys' hands.Ford's attorneys brought in a forensic expert to talk DNA Tuesday.Dr Elizabeth Johnson was hired to dispute the findings of DNA on a towel by a Bexar County crime lab analyst in the Dana Clair Edwards murder investigation. She was found dead on New Year s Day 2009.

She says that Bexar County crime lab analyst showed discrepancies in the investigation by contaminating the evidence.According to Johnson more DNA from the analyst showed up than that of any evidence from the crime scene.

Johnsonexplained that analysts know to take precautions, and that basic standard operating procedures were not followed.

To have an analyst's DNA show up in a result in greater abundance than evidentiary material, in my opinion, diminishes the significance, said Johnson of the report.

Johnson also said that even though Ford s DNA should have been ruled out the result was shown to be inconclusive.

It s very conclusive.It very conclusively excludes Mr. Ford, yet it was worded as inconclusive, said Johnson.

The defense also brought in Jon Ford s friend who he has known for 32 years.

Roger Graggtestified thattwo weeks after Ford broke up with Dana Clair Edwards he seemed to be moving forward.He said that their break-up was very amicable.

There was no tension. I was surprised just because I thought my break-ups didn t usually go that way, said Gragg about the New Year's Eve party he held.

Gragg also said it wasn t like Ford to ever have an angry-type personality.

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