SAN ANTONIO -- Ten new Texas lottery winners showed up for work at their health care facility Friday and their employer says all ten plan on staying on the job.

Communicare Health Centers say the winners wanted to remain anonymous.But when word spread that they had won, there was a lot of excitement.

There was a lot of commotion going on, a lot of screaming and yelling, says Marisol Cortezof Communicare.

She says the big talk was imagining what you would do with the money...if. Cortez said that the only plans she heard from the winners was that one mentioned they would pay off their mortgage.

It's also been pretty frenetic at the small store where that winning ticket was purchased.

The co-owner of the Texas Food Store says that since the jackpot was announced it hasbeen a madhouse at his store.People now think his store is THElucky store to buy lottery tickets.

Fred Golden says when he opened Friday morning he already had a line at the register for tickets.

He says last month a woman won $5,000.Golden said one of the winners showed up Thursday to thank the clerk that sold them the ticket. Then she quickly ran back out again.

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