Sean Anderson got his military orders: He and his wife were being transferred to Germany.

At just about the same time, Anderson noticed his 2007 H-3 Hummer was starting to make noise, and then it wouldn't move at all.

Anderson was told it was a transmission issue, and Sgt. Clutch Discount Transmission was recommended.

Sgt. Clutch said his transmission was shot and needed a complete overhaul. Anderson said he was surprised because the truck only has about 80,000 miles on it and it had never been abused.

Regardless, he paid Sgt. Clutch $2,200 in cash to rebuild the transmission.

He picked it up on Jan. 17, and four days later, he and his wife took off for Colorado to see her family. They planned to go on from there to St. Louis to see his.

Just north of Junction, the truck began failing. It wouldn't go more than 30 miles per hour. The transmission light came on, and then the truck wouldn't go at all.

Anderson paid another $800 to have the truck towed back to Sgt. Clutch, where he was told it wasn't the transmission, it was the transfer case.

Disgusted and not trusting Sgt. Clutch, Anderson had the car towed to A+ Transmission. They told him there was a transfer case issue, which they repaired for another $800, but diagnostic testing still showed it was a transmission issue.

Anderson had the car towed back to Sgt. Clutch, where they said they took it apart and put in another torque convertor. The truck still wouldn't move.

That's when Anderson called Eyewitness Wants to Know.

We spoke with Joe DeLuna, the owner of Sgt. Clutch. He stood behind his shop's work but finally agreed that if we had the vehicle towed to the dealer and the dealer diagnosed it as a transmission problem, Sgt. Clutch would fix it.

When we went to A+ Transmission to talk with them about the issue, they said they hated for Anderson to incur any more costs, but if that was the plan, then OK.

We called Batchelor Hummer to see whether they would put Anderson at the front of the line, and they agreed, even saying they'd waive the diagnostics cost.

As we got off the phone, A+ Transmission owner Glenn Mewborn was on the phone with Anderson and told him no matter what it was, they were going to fix the truck at no cost.

Mewborn, a former Navy man and Army helicopter pilot, said he had to ship out to different countries numerous times and knew how stressful it was. He said he just wanted to lessen the load on the Anderson family.

Anderson's captain recently emailed and said Anderson's wife did get to see her family, and now they -- and the Hummer -- are on their way to Germany.

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