A south Texas dog breeder inbusiness for more than 15 years called for the rescue of 31 Basset Hounds on Tuesday.

One after another, the dogs arrived at the Hill Country Animal League in Boerne. Some were juveniles, some were adults and some were pregnant.

They were all rescued Tuesday from a south Texas breeder who could no longer care for the dogs.

The gentleman is an elderly gentleman, he s 80 years old and has diabetes, said Sandee Bowman of the Animal Welfare Society of Bandera. His wife has Alzheimer s, she s 75. It was time for them to move on in their life.

Bowman said most of the dogs appeared to be in good health, but some will need help to address health issues such as cherry eye and cataracts.

After receiving medical attention, the Basset Hounds will then be taken all across the country by different rescue groups, who drove hundreds of miles to lend a hand Tuesday.

We ll re-home them, making sure they have home checks and getting good love where they can be part of a family, said Stephen Plyler of the Denton Animal Shelter.

While it should be a happy ending for all the dogs, it s still a situation that some say should have been prevented.

We don t need any more dogs, Bowman said. At any given time, you re going to find Bassets at the animal control (center) that are going to die, so we don't need to be breeding more.

For information regarding the dogs you can contact the Hill Country Animal League at (830) 249-2341 or

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