SHAVANO PARK -- Controversy is brewing in Shavano Park after city council approved a gun-control ordinance that would ban all guns from being fired within city limits.That's all guns, including toy guns.

Which is why Mayor David Marne did not sign the ordinance, marking the first time he has rejected an ordinance proposed, and otherwise approved, by city council.

What it does is it criminalizes 12 year olds who get a BB gun for their birthday and go out on their 2-acre lot and shoot at a target in their back yard, he said.

Resident Jeff Kahn said his kids like to play with their BB guns and paintball guns on their 200-acre lot.

I'm not looking forward to getting a $500 fine for that happening, he said.

Under the ordinance, it would be illegal to fire any gun within city limits, including BB guns, pellet guns, even Nerf guns.

Members of city council who support the ordinance believe it is long overdue, saying that the city needs to make a statement about gun control and gun safety.

The mayor said he can't completely stop city council, but hopes they will reconsider.

I can't stop this, Marne said. All I can do is say, 'Hey vote on it again.'

Kahn wonders, why now?

Our neighbors all have kids with BB gun, paint guns, Khan said. It's never happened here before and there's just no reason for it.

The ordinance will be up for another vote on Monday.

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