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SANANTONIO --San Antonio artist Joy Mollnar has created a hilarious mural poking fun at NBA analyst Charles Barkley on the side of a salon in northeast San Antonio.

The mural was made in response to remarks from Barkley making fun of San Antonio for having bigol women.

The mural points out, not very delicately, that Barkley is no slender thing himself.

With his comment about women being fat in San Antonio, we thought we d take a jab at him because he s not exactly thin, Beauty Storm salon owner, Tim Nichols, said.

There's also the increasingly popular anti-Barkley social media hashtag NoSir at the bottom of the mural. You won't just see it here but on four billboards across the city.

The billboards feature Shaquille O'Neal and Sir Charles, calling San Antonio-raised Shaq classy, and Barkley not . They're examples of a movement to show America what the Alamo City is all about.

The mural caught the eyes of USA today which said, This may be the best rivalry of the NBA Playoffs, while also giving props to Mollnar.

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