Just mention the phrase Memorial Day Miracle and San Antonians will remember May 31, 1999.

As the Spurs prepare to battle the Trail Blazers in Game 2 Thursday night, KENS 5 is taking you back to the same two teams in the 99 Western Conference Finals in the Alamodome. Do you remember it?
San Antonio had barely edged Portland in Game 1 of that series, and Game 2 was just as fierce. Portland had the lead most of the game, and with just nine seconds left.... it happened.

The Spurs Sean Elliot caught a pass right on the sideline and landed an amazing game-winning three-pointer in front of a stunned (and thrilled)Alamodome crowd.

What most people didn t know at the time was that the Spurs star was playing with a kidney condition that would later require him to get a kidney transplant.

Click to watch legendary KENS 5 sports anchor Dan Cook and longtime sports director Joe Reinagel in this vintage clip from 1999.

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