Bexar County had more than 1,700 homeless people during a point-in-time one-day census of the sheltered and un-sheltered homeless persons.

Federal funding for homeless programs is based largely on this once-a-year count of the city s homeless population, so the more homeless who are counted, the more federal dollars will come to San Antonio.

Researches are able to learn more about the reasons why people become homeless with the help of Trinity University.

The causes of homelessness can be related to domestic violence, unemployment, substance abuse, mental illness or other factors, Travis Pearson, President of the South Alamo Regional Alliance for the Homeless, said. The information presented by Trinity University today will assist those who work with individuals and families that are homeless better target and align resources to address the underlying causes. Our overall goal of course is to reduce the homeless population, but it's also to make sure the available resources for the homeless are put to good use.

San Antonio's homeless population percentage is comparable to other major Texas cities.

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