SANANTONIO -- Forget Curious George; it s Curious WC as in W.C. Fields: a spider monkey on the lam, and he s been spotted in the hills around Boerne Stage Road.

We hear the monkeys in the morning and we hear them late at night. And when my wife calls me in a panic, it s a concern, said Gilbert Rodriguez, whose wife was chased into a garage by the primate.

Just half a block away, is the sanctuary known as Primarily Primates. Officials there said last week s storm ripped open the spider monkey s 40-foot enclosure, allowing the animal to get out. And today, sheriff s deputies joined the hunt, after a woman reported being attacked and trapped by primate.

The way she described it, the monkey had his hands up, ready to go, said the attacked woman s nephew Matt Meneses.

Meneses was asleep until his aunt s screams made him go outside and look around.

The family says their dog scared up the monkey in the backyard under the patio, and it chased the woman into her garage.

He [the monkey] opened the door once, and then she closed it again, Meneses said.

The animal continued to scratch at the door to get in, keeping Meneses aunt trapped for more than an hour.

Sanctuary officials said the monkey may have been looking for food in the garage.

Primarily Primates has been taking in mostly apes and monkeys for decades. These are animals getting a second chance to live out their lives, after being used in biomedical research or bought and sold by pet traders.

And after inventorying their populations, sanctuary officials have at least one living on the outside now.

The Rodriguez family said they just moved into the home in July, but wonder if they ll stay.
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