SAN ANTONIO -- Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller is just back from a trip to Rome where he had a personal and profound meeting with Pope Francis.In an exclusive television interview, the Archbishop told KENS 5 he is still in awe of what Pope Francis asked of him.

Archbishop Gustavo was one of 60 bishops worldwide to have a private audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican last week.The Archbishop has met with both Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul but said there is a striking difference in style with the current pope.

When Pope Francis walked into their meeting, there were no Swiss Guards, no formal introduction.

He came in full of energy, there was no security, only two secretaries. It was so simple, but striking in his openness, said Garcia-Siller.

Archbishop Gustavo said the new style can be felt throughout the Vatican.

The dynamics are different, you can almost breathe there is something new taking place in the Vatican. The Pope is witnessing so clearly joy, simplicity, human elements, people connect with him, said Garcia-Siller.

The Archbishop experienced that connection as he spoke one-on-one with the Pope asking for his blessing on the San Antonio Archdiocese.

We are shaking hands like this and the Pope he took his hand and placed it on my arm and said, 'Pray for me. Please pray for me.' I felt his affection and him saying I need you and I answered in Spanish saying 'Si Si you can count on my prayers.'

We pray for the Pope every Sunday in our Mass but now it is a new sense for me in my leadership to have had met with him and for him to have asked me to pray for him with that kind of insistence and intensity, said Garcia-Siller.
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